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Why Alagrand?

1000 Seller
Join the army of Thousand+ Sellers across India.
40000 Products
Showcase your Product Along with 40,000+ Unique Products
15000 Pincode
Let us handle your Pick up - Delivery Headache!
10 Days Billing
Get Payment directly in your Bank in just 10 days.
Step 1.
Register Your Store
Absolutely Zero Investment of Time & Money. We eliminated all the risks with traditional business.
Step 2.
Connect you store
Update your Store Details & Connect your store to
Step 3.
Add unique products
Import a unique selection of hard to find products to your store
Step 4.
Make your first sale
From Initial contact to making your first sale Alagrand handles everything end to end.
Step 5.
Automated Shipping
Select best auto Generated shipping label + Integrated Pick up & Drop Shipping Service etc.
Step 6.
Accounting & Invoicing
Generate Customer & Seller Invoice at your comfort with a Single Click.

Why Sell On Alagrand?

  • Dashboard
  • Manage Products
  • Add Products
  • Price Management
  • Manage Size & Colors

Why Sell On Alagrand?

  • Order Management
  • Shipping Management
  • Payment Reconciliation
  • Invoicing & Accounting
  • Coupon Management

What do you need to sell on

Pan Card Details
GST Details (Optional)
Bank Account
Account Number: 0067XXXXXX87


Bhavya Goel

AEOM Couture
Alagrand Seller Panel is very easy and user friendly. It is as simple as logging in and quickly uploading products.

Ricko Patel

We gave Alagrand a try and we are extremely pleased with it. It is helping us to create our Brand Value in Online Business!

Bansi Khemani

I just love Tech! So The staff proactively makes me aware of the new opportunities to sell and generate more revenue.
You are just a few steps away from selling online!
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